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American Banner Exchange - Free web advertsing in USA! See Targeted Regional Zones in American Banner Exchange

Targeted United States Regional Zones used
for web sites in American Banner Exchange.

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The American Banner Exchange continues to expand! We offer you both FREE and affordable SAFE Nationwide Network Advertising with the regional targeting you need. Unfortunately for any web sites based in Canada or other nations, only American Web Sites using the English language and based in United States of America can participate. (USA sites Only!)

The 4 primary USA Regional Zones we are starting with are USA Northeast, USA Southeast, USA Midwest and USA West. American Banner Exchange is anchored by the Top Sites of America Web Sites List offering ALL 50 USA States! This advanced USA Topsites List shows banner ads of American Banner Exchange members at the bottom of every page!

Only Kid-Safe web sites in USA are invited to join us!

If your site is in the Carolinas, join us in the Carolina Banner Exchange!

If your site is in Charleston, S.C. area try Charleston Banner Exchange!

NOT in USA?  Plug 468 x 60 Plugboard at Worldwide Banner Exchange!

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Got 160x600 Or 120x600 Skyscraper ads? Skyscraper Banner Exchange!

Don't want to run banner ads to other sites? Buy banner ad impressions!

American Banner Exchange allows ONLY Family Friendly Sites!
ONLY Family Friendly Sites approved for American Banner Exchange!

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Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email = CAUCE Sorry, Hate sites are NOT allowed to join American Banner Exchange. Uncle Sam wants YOU to join the American Banner Exchange NOW. Sorry, adult sites are NOT allowed to join American Banner Exchange. Sorry, Warez sites are NOT allowed to join American Banner Exchange.

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